The Air France airplane, with Bowser riding on top.

The Air France Airplane is an airplane which belongs to the French airline company of the same name[1], and that has appeared in a few recent videos of SuperMarioGlitchy4. In these last ones, it is always seen making falls, crashes and other accidents.

Appearances Edit

(NOTE: This list may be incomplete.)

Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island Edit

This is the first video of Smg4 where the airplane appeared, and it is also its main appearance in Smg4's bloopers. Smg4, Mario, Luigi (in a dog (or cat) cage), Toad and Peach are traveling in it, thinking it will lead them to the Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island. It was only after SMG4 asked to the Airplane Staff when they would get to the island that they realized that their plane was going to France. At that moment of the video, the exterior of the plane can be seen, revealing that it belongs to Air France. Several seconds later, the plane starts falling because Mario punched the captain out of it, due to the fact that guy did not know what Spaghetti was. Since there was no person to pilot it, Bowser rides on the top of it. Then the plane crashes in the ocean near the island where Smg4 and the gang wanted to go. They were still alive after the crash (however, Mario initially believed that Luigi died in it).

Mineswap Edit

Every recent video of SMG4 has a clip from the previous video at the end. Then the episode "Mineswap", which has been created and uploaded on YouTube just after the blooper "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island", has a clip from this last one. It shows the airplane falling of the sky (because Mario had thrown the airplane captain out of it).

Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's Edition) Edit

At the end of this video, Luigi is singing his own version of "Call Me Maybe". At this moment of the blooper, a bunch of animations and pictures can be seen, and most of them are clips from SMG4's previous videos. One of those playing animations is from the blooper "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island" and shows the plane falling of the sky (still because Mario had thrown the captain out of it).

Two Great Friends! Edit

In this episode, FightingMario54321 is trying to get a job. When he tries to become a pilot, he is seen in the cockpit of the airplane, flying it angrily. Then a clip of the plane crashing in the ocean from the video "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island" is playing, meaning that FM54321 apparently crashed the plane. So he gives up to become a pilot, and tries a lot of other jobs (over 100). At the end of this same episode, a DeviantArt picture showing Mario and SMG4 in the plane can be seen, sitting on their seats, with Mario wondering when the food is coming and SMG4 being scared of an Old Man he is trying to let go.

Super Mario Attorney Edit

In this video, Steve was flying in the sky, when he got hit by the airplane which was flying in the opposite direction. In his crash, Steve accidentally broke the window of the cockpit of the plane, scaring the pilot and the copilot, and then he fell and landed on a Goomba walking in Bob-omb Battlefield, killing it. At the same moment, SMG4 was running and jumping happily in the same place. A Policeman saw SMG4 and thought he was the person who murdered the Goomba, so he arrested him.

SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies Edit

In this episode, Mario, Luigi, SMG4, Peach and Toad were taking a Christmas vacation to Isle Delfino, riding on the airplane. Soon enough, Villager, who was the captain at the time as part of a revenge plan, crash-landed the plane into the North Pole. Like "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island", everyone was still alive after the crash, however. The plane isn't seen again for the rest of the blooper.

Trivia Edit

  • The Air France airplane is one of the few references to France which has been seen in some of SMG4's recent videos. The other references are the French Can Can music and the National Hymn of France (also called La Marseillaise in French).
  • The several falls, crashes and other accidents that have befallen this plane in SMG4's bloopers can be referencing that Air France is not a very safe airline company in real life, although no major problems have occured in recent years. This is also most likely a reference to the Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean between Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Paris (France).
  • The plane's 3D model was an Airbus A320. When falling in Super Happy Magical Fun Island, a model of an A380 was used instead.
    • A similar model swap happened in Christmas 2015-Christmas Crazies, where when falling, a picture of a completely different airplane was used, although it was reverted to the A320 before crashing to the ground.