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The Account Hacker, or ???, is the shady antagonist of Account Loss. In this blooper, he got SuperMarioGlitchy4's YouTube password from Mario. He then changed SMG4's account password to prevent anyone else from accessing the channel. While he had the account he tortured Mario and sent lots of spam. After a while Mario and SMG4 chased him to the castle roof and shot him. Although he was the only one aware of the new password, the hacker had written down the new password on a slip of paper, making his death without consequences. The Account Hacker has never been seen since, although later characters have used the same all-black color code.
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The Account Hacker.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the Crazy Toilet Dude, the Bomber and other black guys, the Account Hacker's palette is completely black, although his eyes, sideburns, and other textures remain visible.
  • The Account Hacker's motive for claiming SMG4's account is unknown.
  • The Account Hacker is never seen doing any actual hacking. Mario literally gives him SMG4's YouTube password. He logs in to the account and changes its password. That's pretty much it.
  • The Account Hacker should not be able to control Mario. He stole SMG4's YouTube account, not his computer! It's possible that he could torture Mario by uploading such a video to YouTube, though. Because it was on one of SMG4's accounts, it must have registered as canon, and then happened to the SMG4-verse Mario.
    • Unless the implication is that SMG4's computer can control reality, which is possible based on bloopers like Da Glitch
    • It is also possible he is Smg3. Reasons why is because Smg3 copied Smg4's videoes.

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