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A day in the life of smg400:50

A day in the life of smg4

A day in the life of SMG4 is the second video made by Mario's Youtube channel, theawesomario.


This video shows all the weird stuff SuperMarioGlitchy4 purportedly does every day, like waking up next to a nude Mario, flipping around the castle calling himself a ballerina, playing with dolls that look like his friends, sliding around a flag while constantly yelling PINGAS, throwing a tantrum when the vending machine doesn't work, crying constantly about the cancellation of Twilight, talking to himself in the mirror, dancing on the ceiling, breaking Lakitu's camera, and more. It was created primarily to ruin SMG4's reputation.




In the beginning it shows the words A DAY IN SMG4'S LIFE in big blue letters

The music TiK ToK is on the whole video

SMG4 is waking up in bed

SMG4: "Good morning Mushroom Kingdom!"

SMG4: "AHH! Today is the day!!!"

Screen becomes bigger, and Mario is seen naked in bed with SMG4

Mario: "HELLO!!!"


SMG4 starts to flip all over the Peach's Castle

SMG4: "I'm a pretty ballerina..."

SMG4 starts playing with his Mario and Princess Peach dolls

SMG4: "And the fat italian said to the princess baby you're too fat for me..."

SMG4 starts to slide around the top of a flag that has a Koopa Troopa shell on it

SMG4: "PINGAS" (7 times) ===

SMG4 is trying to get a snack in a vending machine but it does not work


SMG4 is on top of a large structure hiding

FM: "Come down SMG4..."

SMG4: "But they cancelled Twlight D:"

SMG4 is looking at a mirror

SMG4: "Where you been my whole life?!"

SMG4: "Haven't met anyone like you man..."

SMG4 starts doing a crazy dance on the ceiling in Super Mario 64 form

SMG4 starts pooping in the toilet

SMG4: "HNNRRGG. cmon...cmon....HRRRRRMNNNG"

(The toilet explodes)

SMG4 and Old Man are in a flying hot tub, and SMG4 starts dancing in it

The song TiK ToK stops

SMG4 starts running in circles, sings along to the PFUDOR song, crashes into Lakitu and a blank tv screen pops up, which ends the video.

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