A Day In The Life of LUIGI01:57

A Day In The Life of LUIGI

A Day In The Life of LUIGI is theawesomario's 9th video.


In this video, Mario records Luigi and shows what he does everyday.


(Mario zooms into Luigi dancing)

Mario: Hey guys, it's me again. Today we're gonna film this gay guy.

Mario: Here we go! :D

(Luigi turns around and his expression turns from happy to shocked)

Luigi: Hm? Woah! Mario how long have you been there!?

(Mario calls Luigi gay and he becomes angry)

Luigi: God damn it Mario I'm not gay! And stop recording me you ass!

(Title shows up and cuts to Luigi on DDR)

Mario: Here we see Luigi doing his "morning exercise". He does this Every. Single. Day.

(Luigi turns around and screams)

(static appears and cuts to Mario and Boo)

Mario: So since Luigi hates ghosts so much I thought it'd be funny to introduce him to my friend here.

Boo: Happy to help man!

(cuts to Luigi)

Luigi: Yeah, take that you stupid ghosts!

Luigi: Imma gonna win!

(Boo comes out and scares Luigi)

Boo: Boo!

(Luigi screams and cuts to him in the garden)

Mario: You know what? I didn't even know he did this, let's just wait and see what happens.

(Luigi starts to dance)

Mario: Oh god damn it...

(Cuts to the tree Luigi was standing next to)

(Mario zooms into the tree)

Mario: Hmm... so that's where weegees come from?


Mario: The hell is he doing now?

Luigi: You can do this Luigi, she's just a girl, you've got this...

(very quiet background music stops)

Luigi: Hey Daisy girl, did you get a haircut? Because your boobs look great! :D

Luigi: Hmmm...Nah not forward enough...

(static and cuts to Luigi at the cinema with a Daisy statue. On the screen is the Jones BBQ and Foot Massage advertisement)

Mario: The hell is he doing now?

(cuts to Luigi and the statue)

Luigi: (looks at the statue and tries to give it popcorn)

Mario: And here we see a wild Luigi doing his daily ritual with his Daisy statue. This is the 143rd day in a row.

(zooms in on Luigi kissing the statue)

Mario: Hey loser!

(Luigi turns to look at Mario and screams)

(static and cuts to in the castle)

Mario: So yeah I guess you guys now know what Luigi is like.

(money is left in the hallway)

Mario: Woah, someone just left some money here!? Awesome! Finders keepers boitch!

Mario: (runs to the money) Time to go buy some spaghetti! :D

(Mario gets knocked out by Luigi)

Luigi: Fuck you!

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