Season 7, Episode 33
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Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date August 19, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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AREA64 is a video by SMG4, When Mario sees an advertisement for bowsers party and finds out there will be a spaghetti pool.


You are about to join Mario and enter area 64. Where Nintendo's darkest secrets and mysteries are kept. Have fun...


The episode begins inside Peach's Castle, where Mario and Luigi are watching TV. After watching an idiotic movie trailer, Mario changes the channel and stops at a commercial of Bowser advertising his upcoming birthday party. Mario initially shows disinterest in the event(calling it gay), but immediately gets excited when Bowser mentions that one of the attractions is a newly-installed swimming pool filled with spaghetti. After the commercial ends with Bowser saying that guests are required to bring a present, Mario quickly darts out of the castle to look for one.

Mario eventually arrives outside the Mushroom Kingdom Mall to look for a gift. However, rather than going inside, he decides to search in a nearby dumpster, where he finds Bob searching for a gift as well. As the two of them search through the piles of trash, Mario eventually spots something shiny and uncovers an old Nintendo 64 with an attached Disk Drive. Before he can grab it, though, Bob suddenly snatches it to use as his own gift. Mario chases Bob out into the street, and the Garo eventually stops to taunt him. This catches Bob off-guard as a car appears and runs him over, allowing Mario to take the Disk Drive to Bowser's party.

The next day at Bowser's Fortress, everyone gather's around for the party as the Koopa King greets them and makes sure that they all brought gifts. Meanwhile, Mario is just going from guest to guest, asking if anyone knows where the spaghetti pool is. The time then comes to open presents. Bowser ends up not being pleased with the first few gifts, as he gets a stapler from Kamek, a book for getting rid of his princess obsession for Bowser Jr., and Mario's Disk Drive, which he mistakes for a toaster.

All of a sudden, a squadron of squirrel soldiers barge into the castle and surround the guests. Their Sergeant follows suit, as he confronts Bowser and demands to know where he got the Disk Drive from. Bowser tries to point him over to Mario (who is still trying to ask where the spaghetti pool is), but Sarge doesn't believe him, thinking that the plumber is too stupid to be guilty. He proceeds to order Bowser to hand the console over to him, as it is a contraband item. When Bowser refuses, Sarge knocks him out with a frying pan and has his soldiers carry the Koopa King to a helicopter that will transport them to Area 64. Unbeknownst to them, Mario stows away on the back of the helicopter after he realizes that Bowser is the only one who knows where the pool is.

After arriving at Area 64,Mario manages to sneak in(by pretending to be an gun cleaner) and finds himself in an room where he discovers many of the dark secrets of his home company,Nintendo.He then finds an room where discovers an Beta version of Luigi used for the early stages of Super Mario 64( who ended up scrapped due to limitations)chained into the wall,and mistaking him for the real Luigi asks him if he was "dreaming of floating asian heads again"(referencing Marioception)and they start talking.

Meanwhile,Sarge(who was currently interrogating Bowser about how he got the Disk Drive)is informed by an Squirrel Soldier about Mario's presence, and shows security footage of Mario setting Beta Luigi(whom he calls Not-Luigi due to not being the original)free of his chains as evidence,and annoyed,Sarge orders him and a troop of Squirrel Soldiers to find and kill the red capped plumber and sets the security alarm.Hearing it,Mario and Beta Luigi run to an nearby room with some explosive eggs.However,Mario mistakes them for real eggs and attempts to cook them despite Beta Luigi's objections and accidentally creates an wormhole,sucking various Squirrel Soldiers into it including Beta Luigi,much to his depression.

Meanwhile,Sarge is still interrogating Bowser about where he got it,but the Koopa King still says he doesn't know,only for him to get slapped with an Power Glove.The door then opens,and Sarge thinks that his Squirrel Soldiers have finally killed Mario,only for the red capped plumber to burst from the room with his Power Scope,while telling Sarge that he "****** up now". Outmached,Sarge flees to an room and gets an giant robot named "Nintedoom"which apparently was an secret weapon Nintendo had been planning for years.Mario is unable to fight the robot and is easily tossed aside,until he finds an old DVD of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie and puts it on on the robot,and as a result the robot malfunctions due to the movie being so bad,and Sarge is defeated.Mario then saves Bowser,but once again asks him where the spaghetti pool is.

Afterwards,Mario and Bowser make it back to the party,and everyone starts to have fun,Bowser is playing with the Pinata,Bob(who somehow survived the car crash) is playing twister all by himself while yelling "yEAh BOi!",and Fishy Boopkins is playing Pin The Tail On The Koopa,while the Mario Bros. are swimming naked around the spaghetti pool,only for Mario say that it would have been better if Beta Luigi was with them,much to Luigi's depression.Meanwhile,Beta Luigi ends up in the an Mario themed crane game that SMG4 is playing.




  • The video title and the area is a reference to Area 51, a US Army base which is thought to be holding aliens.
  • References to Past Bloopers:
    • Marioception- Mario references this blooper when he asks Beta Luigi if his panicking is due to dreaming about "floating Asian heads," which he initially discovered from looking into normal Luigi's dreams.
    • Stupid Paper Mario- SMG4's crane game addiction is brought up again, as the episode ends with him playing a crane-themed video game.
  • It is unknown who voiced Sarge and one of the Squirrel Soldiers.
  • The Nintendoom robot is made out of many past Nintendo consoles.

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