50,000 SUB SPECIAL YIPEEEEEE!!!!!02:04


50,000 SUB SPECIAL YIPEEEEEE!!!!! is theawesomario's 10th video. It's special because TheAwesomeMario had reached over 50,000 subscribers.


Mario go to check how his channel theawesomario is doing. He notices it haves 50, 000 subscribers. Meanwhile SMG4 sees his channel haves almost 1,300,000 subscribers then checks Mario's channel and gets surprised. Mario is walking to Peach's Castle while Luigi, Toad and Peach are playing outside.

SMG4 calls them to go inside because Mario's going to boast about his success. Once inside, SMG4 blocked the front door with furniture then the 4 ran to a room. Mario break in while Luigi is locked out by the others.

While Luigi is getting hit by Mario the others are convince they're dead. Mario break his way to SMG4, Toad and Peach to tell them that Theawesomario reached 50,000 subscribers but SMG4 reminds him that he has 1,300,000 causing Mario to burn down the castle.




(Mario's name is seen, then zoom out to show Mario's house)

(cut to Mario on his bed)

Mario : "Ahhh, what a good morning. Ooo! I know I check my channel to see if I have any more subs!" (Jumps off his bed and hurts himself, then gets up) "Looks like my fans are really liking my videos now! I guess anything is better than not  uploading for 3 years..."

(Mario walks to his computer)

Mario: "I'm actually having fun with this youtube thing :) "

Mario: "...wait"

(Zoom in to show 50,000 subscribers)

Mario: (surprised while head grows and eyes shrinks)

(black screen)

(cut to SMG4 typing on his computer)

SMG4: "Ahhh! I love the internet. I wonder how my channel is doing today?"

(Zoom in to show 1,283,877 subscribers)

SMG4: "Hmmm...look's like I'm almost on 1.3M! Nice! Now that I think about it, I wonder how Mario's chennel is doing. He said he was restarting it and everything, right?"

(Zoom in to show 50,000 subscribers)

SMG4: "Oh shit!"

(cut to Mario walking to Peach's Castle)

(cut to Toad, Luigi and Peach outside)

SMG4: "Everybody get inside!"


(cut to SMG4 inside throwing furniture and Toads at the front door) SMG4: "Oh SHIT! 6x "

Peach, Toad, SMG4 and Luigi: "Run bitch! Ruunnn!"

(cut to Mario breaking througth the door)

(cut to Luigi banging a door)

Luigi: "GUY'S LET ME IN D:"

Mario: "Luigi! GUESS WHO JUST 50K BITCH." (jumps at Luigi)

(cut to SMG4, Peach and Toad)

SMG4: "We're all dead"

Peach: "Shit!"

Toad: "I don't wanna die! D:"

(door explodes and Mario walks in)

Mario: "Hey smg4...guess who got 50k all by themselves..."

SMG4: Oh yeah? Guess who got 1.3M all by themselves..."

(record scratch)

Mario: (flips out) "You fucking son of a bitch!"

(cut to Mario who is outside a burning Peach's Castle)

Mario: "Well that be a lesson to you, piece of shit."

suscb 4 mor !

tHanks for 50K : D

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